Asset Management

Based upon the agreed investment policy, WMPS will create and manage your investment portfolio in a discretionary manner. After conducting thorough research we select worldwide sustainable investments that match your situation and requirements and are ‘best in class’.

Asset Management

We do not offer in-house investment products. Simply they cannot all be ‘best in class’. Therefore, we offer a mix of independent solutions matching your personal goals. Your discretionary portfolio may consist of index trackers, active investment funds, very sustainable funds or a combination. Our focus is oriented toward sustainable investments and wealth management. This benefits the results.

Our approach to your portfolio…

…matches your situation and requirements…

…and shows a strong track record.

As a 100% independent wealth manager of assets upward from € 2 million per client we keep a careful eye on a healthy balance between risk and return. We do not aim to achieve short-term results.

We spread risks by choosing qualitatively strong and sustainable investment solutions, in different markets and in proven investment categories. At the same time, we are always looking for new opportunities and possibilities. Our results are proof of the effectiveness and added value of our approach.