This website/app (hereinafter referred to as: the "website/app") is a website/app of Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG and specifically focuses on Switzerland. The following disclaimer website/applies to the use of this website/app. Various click-through pages on this website/app are intended for the exclusive use of clients of Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG who hold a monetary and/or securities account with a depository bank (hereinafter referred to as: the "clients"). Access to these pages is reserved for clients and is protected. In addition to this disclaimer, the portfolio conditions of the depository bank apply to access to the secure pages.


The information presented on this website/app may not be construed as investment advice, or as an offer of, or invitation to make an offer for - or in relation to - a financial service or financial product. Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG cannot guarantee that the information on this website/app is suitable for use in areas outside the jurisdiction of Switzerland. The user must decide whether local laws and regulations apply when using this website/app outside the jurisdiction of Switzerland and comply with those laws and regulations.


The information on this website/app is purely indicative and may be amended at any time without further notice. Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG does not guarantee, either explicitly or implicitly, that the information on this website/app is correct, complete or up to date. The information on this website/app may only be used by visitors to the website/app themselves and they are personally responsible for how they use that information. The information provided on this website/app is not legally binding in any sense. If this website/app contains references (e.g. via hyperlinks) to website/apps operated by third parties, this does not mean that Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG makes any form of recommendation regarding the use of such website/apps or the products and/or services offered there. Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG does not verify the truthfulness, correctness, reasonableness, reliability and completeness of information on other website/apps to which reference is made, or which refer to this website/app.

Intellectual property

All copyright, patents and intellectual property rights that apply to this website/app belong at all times and under all circumstances to Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG. These rights are not licensed or transferred to third parties in any way whatsoever. All forms of reproduction and use of a copy of the contents of the website/app other than for private purposes are strictly forbidden.

Terms and conditions of Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG‘s My Portfolio.

Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG’s My Portfolio (https://mijn.wmps.ch) is part of the Internet domain name, www.wmps.ch, which has been registered by Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG. Wealth Management Partners (Switzerland) AG is collectively referred to as “WMPS” hereinafter.

Liability and indemnification

WMPS makes every possible effort to ensure that this website/app operates properly and that it is permanently accessible for its clients. Good operation of the website/app depends on many factors, including dependencies on external parties. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the website/app will always be accessible and/or operate properly. WMPS appreciates your understanding for this and wishes to point out that - other than in the case of malicious intent or gross negligence on its part - it is not liable for any (consequential) damage associated with possible inaccuracies and/or delayed receipt of published price information, calculations, balance statements or other information that WMPS provides to clients through this website/app. Furthermore, WMPS is not liable for any possible defects, viruses and other faults associated with accessing or using this website/app, for interception, manipulation or any other form of improper use of information that is sent through the website/app to WMPS or to you, or for loss of data and downloading or the use of software that is made available through this website/app. WMPS is not liable for the (content of) services or information provided by third parties, which are offered through WMPS‘s website/app, e.g. in the form of external hyperlinks. The disclaimer of liability also applies to Board members and employees of WMPS.

Intellectual property rights

WMPS retains all intellectual property rights relating to the information presented on the website/app (including textual information, graphic material and logos). The term intellectual property rights is understood to include copyright, database rights, patent rights, trademark rights, trading name rights and any other intellectual property rights. Other than downloading and printing the information offered on the website/app for personal use, the content of the website/app may not be copied, reproduced, distributed or made public in any way whatsoever without obtaining explicit written permission from WMPS. Hyperlinks to this website/app are not permitted without obtaining WMPS’s permission in writing beforehand.


When using WMPS My Portfolio, WMPS’s clients shall comply with all security instructions as detailed in the initial set-up documentation package issued to the client and/or other information that has been and/or will be provided to the client in respect of WMPS My Portfolio. In this regard, the client has an obligation to adopt the method determined, or to be determined, by WMPS in order to verify that connection to (the website/app of) WMPS has in fact been established and to change the username and password issued personally to the client in accordance with the instructions provided by WMPS.

The username and the password are exclusively issued to the client by WMPS and are strictly personal. The client must maintain secrecy in respect of the username and password issued to him and uses them with the requisite care. The identification codes are strictly personal and may not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. The client is personally responsible and liable for all instances in which the identification codes are used. The client must notify WMPS if: a) the identification codes are lost, stolen, misused or forged; b) he knows or suspects that third parties are aware of the identification codes; c) he discovers irregularities relating to the functionality that is offered. The client must confirm the aforementioned notification to WMPS in written form, by fax or electronically. Each notification must state the date, time and location of the report. The client is liable for the damage that ensues from loss, theft or misuse of his username and/or his password, until the time when WMPS is informed of the loss or theft. In the event of loss, theft or misuse of the username and/or the password code, or if they fall into the hands of unauthorized persons in any other way, the client must, upon discovery, contact his account manager at WMPS without delay and ask him to block access to the website/app. After taking cognizance of a request of this nature, WMPS will immediately block access to WMPS My Portfolio and, if necessary, take further action in order to prevent misuse. The client has an obligation to report this as quickly as possible to WMPS, but in any case within 5 working days. During the period from the time of the first report as indicated above, the client is liable for the consequences of the unauthorized use or misuse of the username and/or the password. Messages that you send to WMPS by email can be intercepted or manipulated in other ways. WMPS advises you not to send confidential or sensitive information to WMPS by email. If you choose to send messages to WMPS by email, you accept the risk that these messages will be intercepted or otherwise manipulated by a third party. WMPS will never ask you for your password or other confidential or sensitive information by email and is not liable for damage if access to information is obtained by (unauthorized) parties through phishing or by adopting a false (email) identity.

Using WMPS My Portfolio implies the electronic exchange of information by means of public communications media and the Internet. The Internet is an international open network and the client acknowledges that he is aware of the open structure. WMPS undertakes to take all reasonable action to ensure a high level of security by applying security measures at different levels. However, WMPS neither explicitly nor implicitly offers any guarantee regarding the security of WMPS My Portfolio. The client undertakes to implement adequate security measures with regard to connecting to the Internet and/or the computer configuration used for this purpose - in the form of the software and operating system, updates, firewall and virus scanners. WMPS reserves the right to deny access to the website/app in the event of non-compliance with the requirements stipulated in these terms and conditions of use.

Applicable law

The website/app of WMPS and these terms and conditions of use are subject to Swiss law. All disputes, without exception, will be submitted to the competent court in Switzerland.

Privacy Statement

When you visit this website/app, WMPS may process your data. This may be data that you have entered in questionnaires or elsewhere on the website/app. WMPS also guarantees and respects your privacy in relation to processing this data, among other things by complying with the Swiss Data Protection Act (‘“Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner” (FDPIC)). Among other things, this means that your personal data will only be used to the extent consistent with the purposes set out in the FDPIC and that your personal data will be protected by WMPS. This “Privacy Statement” summarizes how data processing is used in the context of this website/app, the use of “cookies” on this website/app and how you can exercise your rights in respect of your personal data.

Data processing

WMPS collects and processes information about clients and visitors of this website/app in the interest of efficient and effective business operations and to monitor whether this website/app adequately responds to the needs of WMPS‘s clients. This processing of personal data focuses in particular on the ability to offer information relating to products and services of WMPS and related third parties and the ability to perform other promotional activities, assess and accept (potential) clients, enter into and fulfil agreements, handle payment transactions and analyse data for statistical purposes. The information you make available through this website/app may also be used to inform you, among other things, about the website/app and any changes regarding the use of the website/app. Needless to say, your personal data will not be sold or made available to third parties that are not subsidiaries or related in some other way to WMPS, unless this obligation ensues from a (legally valid) order issued by a competent authority.


Specific information is collected regarding your use of this website/app in order to ensure better and faster operation of the website/app and adapt it to suit your preferences. This information can be collected using “cookies”. These are small text files which the web page you have visited automatically places on your computer. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings.

Website/apps of third parties

This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party website/apps, which can be visited through links on this website/app.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, the way in which WMPS processes your personal data and/or you wish to view and/or edit the data that has been processed in relation to you personally, please contact WMPS. Please address your request to:

Wealth Management partners (Switzerland) AG
Talstrasse 65
8001, Zürich, Switzerland

Changes to the Privacy Statement

WMPS reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. We recommend that you read this Privacy Statement regularly in order to stay informed of any changes.