Asset management

Why choose asset management?

Based on the investment strategy determined and agreed by the client, WMP will create and manage your investment portfolio on a discretionary basis. After conducting thorough research we select worldwide sustainable investments that match your situation and are ‘best in class’.

We do not work with in-house investment products. These simply cannot all be ‘best in class’. We therefore offer a mix of independent management solutions matching your personal goals. Your asset management portfolio may consist of index trackers, active investment funds, highly sustainable funds and/or combinations of these.

As a 100% independent wealth manager of assets from € 2 million upward per client, we keep a careful eye on a healthy balance between risk and return. We are not out to achieve short-term results. We spread risks by choosing high-quality and global investment solutions, a mix of markets, and tried and tested forms of investment.

Asset management, for whom?

Entrepreneurs and families

Entrepreneurs and wealthy families are the core of our clientele. They aim for capital preservation, controlled growth and securing a financially sound future for themselves, their families and future generations.

Charitable and religious institutions

WMP also works for wealth funds, charitable and religious institutions. WMP helps their directors to manage and implement their investment strategies. We thereby pay particular attention to issues such as governance, sustainable investment policies, risk monitoring and management and transparency in processes, reports and costs. We help institutions achieve their financial goals.


WMP charges a transparent ‘all-in’ fee for asset management, private markets and fiduciary management. The asset management fee can include the custodian bank’s transaction costs and custody fee or is charged separately (UBS). The advantage of an ‘all-in’ fee is knowing in advance your exact annual total cost. The amount of the management fee depends on the volume of the assets under management.

Fiduciary Management

Although far from easy, keeping continuous sight of all your assets is essential. We can take operational control of your total invested wealth. You retain the final control, and our know-how provides insight and a clear overview. Handing over the ‘supervision on your managers’ to us will give you the peace of mind to focus your attention on other matters.